Synopsis of the movie goal!

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Synopsis of the movie The Goal! The Dream begins.

The little Santiago Munez (Kuno Becker) travels from Mexico to United States with his family. He has only two precious things: his soccerball and a picture of the World Cup.
He becomes a young and he understandsthat these promise land where his father took him it has notanything to offer to he. His passion is playsfootball. Santiago plays football in an amateur team of Los Angeles City. Santiago same as other immigrants working as a gardener.
When the British Glen Foy (Stephen Dillane) arrives at Los AngelesCity for he can see his daughter and his grandchildren. Glen was footballer at England. He sees to Santiago in a soccer field and Glen is surprised for the game of Santiago. Glen sees atSantiago a player fast, skillful and courageous. He thinks that is a player that searches Premier League of England.
He doesn´t get that any sports agent see to Santiago playing football butGlen tells him to go to England and he can gives him the opportunity to play at New Castle United.
Santiago believes in an opportunity for can plays as professional footballer, so he begin towork at day and at night so he can saves money for the trip but his father is opposed to the trip. Santiago wants succeed in his passion despite obstacles.
He can travel to England helped ofhis grandmother. He meets with Glen and they go to New Castle training camp. Santiago has to show that heis a big playerin one of the biggest clubs in the world in weather very cold, and ina new city with other culture.
After a long time he can plays in the New Castle first team while in Los Angeles his father die. In the last match versus Liverpool Santiago shoots a free kicknear the area and he scores a big goal! With this goal New Castle can be classified to the Champions League.
The movie was very exciting especially for the people that like the football.
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