Synthesis of bifunctional camphor-derived amines to be used in copolymerisation

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  • Publicado : 5 de marzo de 2012
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Project Partner: Fraunhofer-Institut für Grenzflächen- und Bioverfahrenstechnik(IGB)

The class of terpene chemicals are abundant among natural products and many compounds have commercial applications, e.g. Camphor or a Collophium called mixture of resins. Other compounds ofthis class are used in pharmaceutical preparations or as fragrants, e.g. Limonen from citrus fruit. From the standpoint of chemical structure, terpenes are a chemical class with a huge structuraldiversity. Characteristically, they often yield pure stereoisomers, the manifold of all this compounds is called a chiral pool of terpene natural products. In the field of polymers and plastics, terpeneshaven´t found too much applications so far. Important for physical properties of polymers in general are softeners, which avoid brittleness. In the early times of plastic technology, Camphor wasapplied universially, but disappeared due to its low vapour pressure and volatility. Polymers of today are mainly copolymerisates, tailor-made regarding its mechanical properties. This is due to thechemical structure of different macromolecular chain sections. Thermoplastic elastomers for example consist of alternate sections of simple hydrocarbon chains responsible for elastic properties andcrystallizing sections of more complex appearance responsible for the possibility of melting and thermoforming. In a project from the Fraunhofer Group of Renewable Resources we are concerned withexploiting the possibility of synthesizing camphor-derivatives able to serve as a comonomer. Such bifunctional terpene-alcohols or terpene-derived diamines would be integral parts of the polymer and due toits bulky chemical structure would confer softening to the plastic.

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