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Questionnaire muscular system

1 -What is the function of muscular system?
The main function is to generate movement, whether voluntary or involuntary.

2- What are the organs that make up themuscular system?
the muscles and tendons

3 - What is a muscle?
 Is a contractile tissue that forms part of the human body and other animals. It is made up of muscle tissue.

4- What are the twotypes of muscle movements?
cardiac contraction and smooth muscle occurs without conscious thought and is necessary for survival. Examples include heart contraction and voluntary contraction ofskeletal muscles used to move the body and can be finely controlled as locomotion
5- What are the two types of voluntary contraction?
Slow twitch and fast twitch. Slow-twitch fibers contract for longperiods of time, but with little force while fast twitch fibers contract quickly and forcefully, but fatigue quickly.
6 - What are the types of muscles?.
There are three types of muscles: skeletal orvoluntary muscles, smooth muscle or "involuntary muscles" and the heart muscle.

7-Explain Skeletal muscle
This also is called voluntary muscle "is driven by tendons to bone and is used to effectmovement of the skeleton such as locomotion and in maintaining posture.

 8-Explain the smooth muscle or "involuntary muscle"
is within the walls of organs and structures such as the esophagus,stomach, intestines, bronchi, uterus, urethra, bladder, blood vessels, and the skin pili

9-Explain Cardiac muscle
 is also an "involuntary muscle" but is more similar in structure to skeletal muscle,and is only found in the heart.

10- Explain the division of skeletal muscle
Skeletal muscle is further divided into several subtypes:
* Type I, slow oxidative, slow twitch, or "red" muscle isdense with capillaries and is rich in mitochondria and myoglobin.
* Type II, fast twitch muscle, has three major kinds that are, in order of increasing contractile speed:
Type IIa, which,...
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