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Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.)
French: Tabac; Spanish: Tabaco; Italian: Tabacco; German: Tabak Flue-cured tobacco

Note that Burley and Oriental Tobaccos are discussed separately later in this Section

Crop data (see under individual countries)
Annual. Harvested part: leaves

Nutrient demand/uptake/removal
Yield (Cured leaf) kg/ha 2 000 Source Nutrient demand/uptake/removal -Macronutrients kg/ha

N Hawks & Collins, 1983 2 150 Ryding* 2 600 Ryding* 2 250 Mao Yen-Chen* * Unpublished data 78 71 66 150

P2O5 31 26 22 50

K2O 108 184 155 200

MgO 41 35 34 40

CaO 86 93 105 200

S 20 -

Cl 22 -

Nutrient demand/uptake/removal - Micronutrients g/ha Yield (Cured leaf) Source kg/ha Mn Cu 2 000 Hawks & 800 40 Collins,1983

B 80

Plant analysis data:
Plant analysisdata (Cured leaf) - Macronutrients % of dry matter N P K Mg Ca S Collins* 2.03 0.23 2.13 0.48 2.02 0.69 Ryding* 1.74 0.32 4.32 0.64 2.32 Ryding* 1.72 0.24 3.17 0.61 2.51 Note: All nutrients in optimum supply - * Unpublished data Source Plant analysis data (Cured leaf) - Micronutrients ppm dry matter Source Mn Cu B Na Collins* 200 18 30 147 Note: All nutrients in optimum supply - * Unpublished data Cl0.83 -

Crop data

Crop transplanted March-June. Flowers 60 days after transplanting when flowers are removed to 20 harvestable leaves per plant. Harvesting begins 70 days after transplanting, removing about five lower leaves every 10-12 days. Plant density: 13 000-15 000/ha. Preferably grown on light sandy soils with about 1 % organic matter and pH of 5.7-6.0. Requires about 25 mmrain or irrigation per week. Can withstand periods up to 1 month without rain or irrigation during the month after transplanting. Thereafter, especially as the plants reach the flowering stage, adequate water is essential for leaf development. Fertilizer recommendations Soil tests determine nutrient requirements and the need for lime. Dolomitic lime is used to adjust pH; it is important not tooverlime. N - 50-80 kg/ha N (total of basal and sidedressing applications), the amount of the basal dressing depending on depth and texture of the topsoil, the previous crop grown, the cultivar and the farmer's experience. Not more than 40 kg/ha N should be given during the transplant period. At least 50 % of the N in the transplanting fertilizer should be in nitrate form and the remainder in ammoniumform; in some cases a favourable response can be expected up to 100 % of nitrate N. The N applied after the transplant period should be entirely in nitrate form. P - as indicated by the soil test, all during the transplant period. K - as indicated by the soil test. If the compound fertilizer used for the basal application does not provide enough K, more can be given in sidedressings of an NKfertilizer containing equal amounts of N and K2O. S - on deep sandy soil, if needed, 22 kg/ha S. The basal fertilizer is applied in two bands at transplanting or at 7-10 days after transplanting in order to minimize fertilizer salt injury and early season leaching losses

Crop data Crop transplanted September-December (usually about 91-112 days after seeding). Flowers 63-77 days aftertransplanting and flowers are removed leaving 18 reapable leaves on standard cultivars, or 22 on mammoth cultivars. Harvesting (reaping) starts 70-77 days after transplanting; completed by 98-140 days; usually 2 leaves removed every 7-10 days. Plant density: 14 500-18 500/ha. Preferably grown on light sandy soils with pH about 5.5.

Usually requires about 25 mm water per week. About 20 % of thecrop is irrigated. Can withstand long dry spells during early establishment. Fertilizer recommendations Lime often needed to increase soil pH to about 5.5. Basal application of NPK mineral fertilizer at ridging to supply all N, P and K requirements. If leaching rains occur within 3-8 weeks after transplanting, N sidedressings (25 kg/ha N) is needed in order to obtain a high yield. N is applied in...
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