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  • Publicado : 19 de febrero de 2012
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Tablets are the most innovative technological idea in Colombia, by the impact that caused with their apparition in the market. According to statistics, compiledby marketing Colombia this year, 50% of technology buyers decided to buy a tablet due to the touch screen and the different functions that it performs. If you want to learn more about tablets,in this article you can find the advantages, and disadvantages of this electronic device.
The creation and development of new technologies have allowed the apparition of mini tabletlaptops with touch screen. This electronic device provides mobility including Internet connection that allows navigation from anywhere and downloads games. With reference to research BBC Worldindicates that tejo, the national sport in Colombia, is a new application that tablets users can download, which allows the internationalization of the national sport. Additionally, this isan excellent idea because it allows the incorporation of Colombian tendencies to the new technology.
Nevertheless the main difference between laptops and tablets is mobility. First,tablets are lighter weight and smaller. Secondly, their battery life last longer than a laptop’s which about 10 hours is. I believe this is a reason why shoppers in Colombia are buying tabletsinstead of laptops.
Besides at first sight, tablets have a disadvantage their screen is very small. However this electronic device is special for the young who want to learn about newelectronic tools in the market. According to the survey realized by Ad mob Google, the tablets are good to read without risk of damaging to sight. I consider this is the reason why people buythis electronic device.

Taking everything into account tablets in Colombia is a new technology that can be more competitive in the market if include the new trends for this year.