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  • Publicado : 23 de septiembre de 2010
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GRUPO: 0102
Alejandra Rosario López
Emmanuel Jiménez Nava
Alfonso Delira Piedra

Basically, any company iscomposed by a group of persons, which, they must work in favor of a final goal before planned aim(lens). Therefore, the key arises here in order that it is achieved successfully and it is undoubtedly, theteamwork.
“The teamwork is a set of persons who cooperate to have just one general result "
Limited number of persons with complementary capacities compromised with a common intention, an aim(lens)of work and a planning and with mutual shared responsibility ", according to Katzenbach and K. Smith.
“Any organization is one only I equip, where barriers do not exist, divisionismos or divergentaims(lenses) between(among) the different areas, departments, sections or shifts. On the contrary, the vision of the company, his(her,your) mission and aims(lenses) it is the north of all the persons,is the element agglutinative of efforts for the achievement of common results ", according to Alfonso Cruz Novoa (Catholic University of Chile).
" Teamwork does not mean " to work only together ".Teamwork is the whole philosophy organizacional, is a different way of thinking, is a winning way that the companies have discovered in the last years to do really that the worker I KNOW COMPROMISEin deed with the aims(lenses) of the company ", according to Olman Martínez, President, University of the Sales.
Now then, it is necessary to indicate that independent from which should be the correctdefinition, there are whites of egg differences between what is the teamwork and the equipment(team) of work.
For your(his,her,their) part, the teamwork is more related to the procedures,technologies(skills) and strategies that a certain group of persons uses to obtain his(her,your) proposed aims(lenses).
While the equipment(team) of work, involves to a human group with skills and functions...
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