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You're Kelly, aren't you?
She's your friend, isn't she?
Paul was there, wasn't he?
She has got a brother, hasn't she?Silvia was studying, wasn't she?
They're going to travel, aren't they?There weren't any people, were there?
She lives in Manchester, doesn'tshe?
You love him, don't you?
Tom phoned the office, didn't he?
She can get the job done, can't she?
Dora will phone us, won't she?She doesn't live there any longer, does she?
You don't understand me, do you?
Tim didn't arrive late,did he?
Mary and Bob can't go there, can they?
The boy won't write the mail, will he?You live here, don’t you?
We often visit grandma, don’t we?
She doesn’t like cakes, does she?
He doesn’t talk much, does he?
He was there, wasn’t he?
She called hereearlier, didn’t she?
You didn’t see him, did you?
They didn’t buy the clothes, did they?
He’ll arrive tonight, won’t he?
I’ll work later today, won’t I?
You won’t be late, will you?
They won’tmeet us at school, will they?
She’s going to sing again, isn’t she?
He’s going to get better, isn’t he?
You’re not going to break that, are you?
You’re not going to London, are you?
You’ve seenthis before, haven’t you?
They’ve lost all the money, haven’t they?
She hasn’t said that in the past, has she?
That dog hasn’t got fleas, has it?
It's a beautiful day, isn't it?
Martha is...
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