Taking care of the environment

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Taking Care of the Environment

Even thought people say that water is the most important thing for us. I think the environment is the most important thing for the human beings becausewater air and nature are in the environment, so we have to take care of it, but where can we start?. Let me tell you that we can start doing small things that at the end all of themwill have become a bigger one.

First of all, as the document says we can start conserving energy at home. For example: Clean the lint filter in your dryer after every load so that ituses less energy, plant trees to shade your home, turn down or shut off your water heater when you will be away for extended periods, use compact fluorescent light bulbs to save money andenergy, connect your outdoor lights to a timer and buy green electricity. Electricity produced by low or even zero-pollution would be better for our world.

Then, another great idea isto reduce toxicity at home by learning about alternatives to household cleaning items that do not use hazardous chemicals, buying the right amount of paint for the job, using trapsinstead of rat and mouse poisons and insect killers and using cedar chips or aromatic herbs instead of mothballs. As we know toxic things are as bad for the environment as for people too.That’s why we have to try to not use toxic things.

As I mentioned first water is part of our environment so we have to take care of it too. Some ways to do it are to not to dump anythingdown a storm drain, take your car to a car wash instead of washing it in the driveway and learn about your watershed.

As a conclusion, we have learned that our world is a wonderfulthing and we are not taking too much care about it, although we are supposed to do what it is necessary to have a green world. So I recommend all those ideas to make the different.
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