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  • Publicado : 1 de mayo de 2010
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February 12th
Dear Carol,
Thanks for the photos of our friends in Colombia. Everything is fine here, I arrived in London three months ago to start my new job and then Imoved with my host family. They live in a comfortable house near to the British museum.
The family is very beautiful, Mr. and Mrs. Brown are a very nice young couple, they haveone pretty daughter, Julieth, she is eight years old, has dark and straight hair, and she has very beautiful eyes, she always is playing around the house.
Every morning I goto my new office, at the moment I like it, at midday I go to have lunch to a little restaurant near to the company; in the afternoons, I usually go to Richmond Park because it isa place to relax, and at nights I meet with some friends to eat or drink something.
Write to me soon and tell me all your news.
If you want to visit me someday, I wait foryou.
February 15th
Dear Carol,
My dear friend, I miss you, sometimes I remember the old times with our friends in Colombia and I feel sadness but Ithink that you and they are fine. I’m too fine; the brown family is very friendly with me. They wear very strange clothes; today Mr. Brown has a violet t-shirt, green pants andwhite sneakers; Mrs. Brown has a white blouse, a large and red skirt and white boots; and the little Julieth has a jean, white blouse and black sneakers.
I wear more normalclothes, today I have black blouse, blue jeans, white converse sneakers and a jean jacket. In this country de malls are very strange, but the Brown family loves going to this placesin their free time; also they love going to the parks or the cinema.
I miss the shopping days with you; write to me soon and tell me all your news.
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