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The Dirty Dozen (All posters embedded from MARSS on 1 September 2009) |Explanation |Safety nets available | |
|FALTA DE COMUNICACION[pic] |Caption says "I guess day shift can finish |Use logbooks to communicate, to remove |
| |screwing on the panel." Lack of |doubt. Discuss work to be done and what has|
||communication is depicted as the worker is |been completed to the one taking over from |
| |going to leave the panel of an aircraft |you. Never assume anything, always check. |
| |unfinished without communicating this to | |
||the next worker in any written or verbal | |
| |form, assuming that the next worker knows | |
| |which part of the aircraft is left | |
||unfinished. | |
|COMPLACENCIA |Caption says "I've looked back there 1,000 |Train yourself to expect to find a fault |
| |times and never found anything wrong." |and to consistently look out for these |
||Complacency is depicted whereby a |faults or hazards. Never sign for anything |
| |maintenance personnel has finished signing |you didn't do. Never assume anything, |
| |an inspection sheet whilst telling himself |always check. |
| |that he haschecked at the aircraft part a | |
| |thousand times without ever finding | |
| |anything wrong; This is despite the fact | |
| |that a component ofthe aircraft has a | |
| |spoilt cable. Hence, by performing a | |
| |routine task over and over again, | |
| |overconfidence due toincreasing | |
| |proficiency could lead lead to complacency | |
| |setting in and errors in judgment can | |
| |appear.| |
|FALTA DE CONOCIMIENTO |Caption says "This is the third one to |Don't rely on memory and consult the |
| |bend! What's going on?" Lack of knowledge |relevant up to date manuals. Always ask if |
| |is depicted in which a maintenance|you are in doubt. Get training on type. |
| |personnel cannot fathom how a helicopter | |
| |part could be bent for a third time even | |
| |though he has kept working on it, |...
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