Tamaulipas food

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Within the typical food of Tamaulipas have pork tamales, charro beans, mashed together with flour tortillas, if you want something you can order breakfast station wagon, the woodcock sotol, pita with egg flower in the evening you can order pies nopal, roast pork, potatoes with shrimp mole or kid and now at night you can enjoy a corned beef tamales and scrambled or if youcrave something sweet is cactus jam, or champurrado adepitas tile corn among others.
The station wagon that we recommend is prepared as follows:
Ingredients: egg, beans, tomato, green chile and onion.
Preparation: Beat the whole egg, empty the pan of hot oil or butter cooked tortilla type and when it starts to cook refried beans fit or ball in the center, closing the taco sauce and puttingtaste, you can accompany with roll or tortilla.
The tamal (from Nahuatl tamalli, which means wrapped) is a generic name given to several American dishes of Indian origin generally prepared with cooked corn dough usually steamed, wrapped in the ear of the same plant corn or banana mash or bijao, agave, avocado, Canak and even aluminum foil or plastic. May be with or without padding, which can containmeat, vegetables, chile, fruit, salsa, etc.. They can also be sweet or salty.
Grilling is a cooking technique where food (usually beef cuts) are exposed to heat from fire or coals in order to cook slowly. Often preferred as a source of heat the coals of a wood fire. Heat is transferred gradually to the food, which is usually suspended over or near hot coals. The coals were obtained from charcoalor direct burning of wood. The woods used for roasting are hardwoods such as oak, mesquite, quebracho or crown, which burn at high temperatures and for a long time.
The tacos are a Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla folded or rolled so that it can contain several types of food. It is a fundamental and very easy recipe to make, since the only tacos filled with meat and vegetables. It is eatenwith bare hands and often accompanied with green sauce or red sauce, generally, but also is associated with any of the countless types of sauces and dressings own traditional Mexican cuisine. The mass to make the tortilla can be corn or wheat.
Today's tacos has spread globally as a type of fast food, and for reasons marketers are often confused with the preparation of Tex-Mex, where the tortillais folded into a U-shape and fried in oil, which is more like a typical preparation of northern Mexico called Bent, it is now normal to find them in places where there is a large Mexican community, although some U.S. and Mexican companies have taken the concept to other parts of the world like China and example.1

[pic]A hamburger is a processed food like a sandwich or beef sandwich bonded assteak, cooked, grilled or fried. It comes in a light bread cut in half which has a hemispherical shape. Often accompanied by onion rings, lettuce, a slice of tomato, slices of pickles, etc.. Usually dress with a seasoning such as: ketchup, mustard, relish, mayonnaise, etc. [1]. If you put a sheet of processed cheese becomes a cheese burger (cheeseburger). [2] Called sometimes means the "hamburgeryellow" ("Yellowburger").
The hot dog, dog, hot dog or complete (in English: hot dog, 'hot dog') is a sandwich with a sausage, which may be of a wiener (frankfurter) or Vienna (Wien) and prepared either boiled, or fried, served in a bun with an elongated shape that is usually accompanied with a little bit like ketchup and mustard. The type of sausage used in the preparation of the dog maydiffer depending on the taste of the region, the art of the chef, and ingredients available. Thus, in some places, are used Bockwurst German, or even clever variants that modify corndog bread as the U.S.. It is usually served hot, usually in bad taste to be eaten cold.
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A corn tortilla is a food preparation made with...
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