Tarahumara people

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Tarahumara people

José Manuel Préstamo López
Preparatoria Iberoamericana
Lenguaje adicional al español
7 de noviembre de 2011
The Tarahumara people live in the remote regions of the SierraMadre in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. They are also called Raramuri (Ones that run). Geographically, their territory, before the Spanish came, consisted of the Sierra Madre, extending south to centralMexico. The Tarahumara shared culture with the Huichol to the south (in the present Mexican state of Nayarit), with the Yaqui in Sonora, with the Mayos and Tepehuanes to the south and southwest (inthe present states of Durango and Sinaloa)
The Rarámuri religion is a mélange of indigenous customs and Roman Catholicism, characterized by a belief that the afterlife is a mirror image of the mortalworld, and that good deeds should be performed not for spiritual reward, but for the improvement of life on earth. In certain traditions (perhaps those more strongly based on pre-Columbian practice),the soul ascends a series of heavens, is reincarnated after each death, and after three lives becomes a moth on earth, which represents the final existence of the soul. When the moth dies, the souldies completely. However, this end is not regarded as negative or a punishment, but merely as a continuation of the order of life.
His complex mystical religious celebrations are made up dances andpfrendas paratesginiiinadas them dance is a prayer to dance beg forgivness, ask for rain (to encourageyou dance the dance of “dutuburi”) and give thanks for it and for the harvest.

His clotheswere made ​​by their women, for women best, scarves and blankets, ponchos,bandanas for men, all their stuff were made by his people.

From the dietary histories it became clear that the Tarahumarasreceive the majority of their daily nutrients (90% of total calories) from corn and beans (pinto bean variety). About 94% of the total daily protein intake was from vegetable sources, only 6% being from...
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