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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2011
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Ivan Dario Chavarro Garzon
9 A
Republic Of Gilead
The truth behind the nation
There is a place, called Republic of Gilead, in there, different things commonly happen, some of themegood, some of theme not that good.
In this text some important aspects from the Republic of Gilead are going to be exposed, these are: Safeness, Clinic services, Family and the Religion.
First weare going to start with the safeness of the country, the country is protected, but is protected by whom? Is supposed that the country is protected by angels, but those angel are not the angels thateverybody things, some people say that they are bad angels. “The Angels stood outside it with their backs to us. They were object of fear to us,” Page 4.
Is notable that Angels in the Republic Of Gileadare not the same ones that we know, in there the angels are like police or like guards, but either the good ones, they are the only ones that are able to carry weapons, also, the supposed Angels shootpeople at a scary place called the “Wall” where the people that don’t follow the rules are killed. They should be called Death Angels.
Another relevant topic are the medical services that theRepublic gives to the people, because is terrible, doctors are completely crazy, even in one occasion a doctor raped a woman, because he said that that woman was sick and that the sickness she had was onlyable to be cured by having relations with the doctor.
Going to another more personal thing, the way they treat their woman and their babies is horrible, there is even the story from Offred, whosedaughter was taken away from her when she tied to escape from the Republic of Gilead.
By other hand, they don’t even have respect for the church, because they took the bible and modified it so that themen could take advantage from it.
One of the worst things from the Republic Of Gilead is treatment that they have to the women, because they don’t care about them, the men actually takes more care...
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