Tarea de ingles la generacion del nuevo millenio

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  • Publicado : 9 de mayo de 2010
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The Generation of the New Millennium
It was my sixteenth birthday, and my party was just ending. After all the guests left my home, I sat down in my back yard staring at the sky, thinking. As I wasthinking I realized that I am part of the generation that is lucky to live in a new and revolutionary millennium, were new achievements in science have been made, but at the same time unfortunate tolive the consequences of past generations.
This is a time were and the press of a bottom you get your food cooked, your house cleaned or your coffee made. Thanks to technological advances our livesare easier. Before, it would take months to get to a place, whereas today it would take some hours or even minutes. My generation will have the opportunity to experience many scientific break-troughs. Ibelong to the generation that will get to watch people in mars or we might even get to live there. By the rate of technological advances, we will have a world free of cancer and AIDS. My generationwill be expected to do all this and much more. One of us might even discover a way to travel through time or travel at the speed of light and meet extraterrestrial creatures to trade technologies. Thepossibilities are limitless. Our responsibility will be to make this world healthier and more exciting.
Not even a minute has past by and stood up to clean up the mess left by the party. As I wasgathering the trash, negative thoughts glanced through my mind; great burdens have been passed to us. We have to pay the price for mistakes made by our parents and grandparents. The United States is mosthated now than years before, and terrorist attacks are inevitable. My generation will have to deal with the consequences of bad decisions from past presidents. By deploying troops in foreign lands wehave inflicted hatred to our country, even though they are there for good reasons. It’s just a matter of time before we are bombed by nuclear weapons. If that does not happen, nature will still...