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Practica: 2do parcial ingles técnico para arquitectos

I) sentences with the past of the verb to be (was, were)

1. It was a beautiful day.
2. Martha was angry was lateat the work.
3. You went to Costa Rica in 2011
4. You were in the school.
5. They were in my home.
1. We weren’t tired.
2. We weren’t hungry after the journey.3. It wasn’t expensive.
4. People weren’t friendly.
5. The hotel wasn’t comfortable.
1. Why were you late this morning?
2. Were you late?
3. Were Mike andJolly at the party?
4. Was the hotel expensive?
5. Was the weather good?

II) Verb Can , Can’t
1. You can swim very well 
2. He can draw anything 
3. She cantype very fast 
1. I can't come to the party on Friday.
2. He can't do the shopping for you.
3. She can't cook dinner tonight.
1. Can You look?
2. Can i comein?
3. Can she cook dinner today?
III) Dialogue using the past of the verb "to be" and the verb can.
Maria.hi, gave the calculus exam yesterday?S. clear! I tired to call but was out of your phone.
M. yes was no signal and could not communicate for you to explain my situation to the teacher.
S. Where were you could not call? That happened to you?
M.I could have gone to take the exam, but I was presented with a problem, it's a long story, I will call you at night.
S. ok, take care and stay out of trouble.

This happened in the village of Villa Tapia have a few yearsgoing the maternity ward of the hospital, gave birth to child whose mother died during childbirth and that he had no other family, this child, the story was very ugly, so ugly that all the hospital nursesdid not stop talking about how horrible it was and they all took a few minutes to go see it, the fact is that at a time when several nurses had gathered with him, commenting how...
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