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1) When I phoned my friends, they were playing monopoly
2) Yesterday at six, I was preparing dinner.
3) The kids were playing in the garden when itsuddenly began to rain. (paly) (yo pienso que quiso decir play)
4) I was practicing the guitar when he came home. (practice)

5) We weren't cycling all day. (not/ cycle)
B) 1) There werewill a World war before the year 2050
2) Private cars will not disappear before the year 2100. (disappear)
3) English will be the world language in the year 2100. (be)
4) Everybodywill having a computer in the year 2100. (have)
5) Everybody will having enough to eat in the year 2100. (have)
1) POSITIVA: He is going to phone his girlfriend.
NEGATIVA: Heisn't going to phone his girlfriend.
INTERROGATIVA: Is he going to phone his girlfriend?
2) POSITIVA: They are going to share a room.
NEGATIVA: They aren't going to share a room.INTERROGATIVA: Are they going to share a room?
3) POSITIVA: The boss is going to sign the contract
NEGATIVA: The boss isn't going to sign the contract
INTERROGATIVA: Is the boss goingto sign the contract?
4) POSITIVA: We are going to plant the tree in the morning.
NEGATIVA: We aren't going to plant the tree in the morning.
INTERROGATIVA: are we going to plantthe tree in the morning.?
5) POSITIVA: Janet is going to miss the bus
NEGATIVA: Janet isn't going to miss the bus
INTERROGATIVA: is Janet going to miss the bus?
1) She’s toointelligent to believe that!
2) The Antartic would be very cold for me.
3) I like your idea very much
4) We were very late, but we just got the train.
5) We were very much late, so wemissed our train.
6) Your children have very much money in their pockets.
7) He hasn’t got very much money.

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