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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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Subject: Aplicación de las Tecnologías de la Información.
Teacher: JoséMagdiel Martínez.
Activity of Units: 1, 2, and 3.

Student: jesus Alonso Rodriguez Gutierrez
ID: 1559323
Group: 1Gi

The ability to send homework via internet is the fastestway to do it you will stop looking for your teacher to give them your home work now the only thing you need is a internet connection to give your teacher your homework

Wellthis hole nexus thing is like a double edge sword yes you can give the homework much faster in nexus now but the disadvantages is that nexus can’t support all the internet browsers like Google chromeor Mozilla Firefox you need to use internet explorer and that browser is very laggy some times the internet wont work and you will be unable to deliver your homework through the nexus websiteQUESTIONS
1 ¿ how do you turn off a pc?
R = with the mouse you point and click in the icon that says start and then point at the icon that says shut down
2 ¿what type’s are the private use pc’s?R= desktop pc , laptops , tablets , handheld and smart phones
3¿which type of computer is the most used computer by the people?
R= desktop pc
4¿ what is a computer ?
R= a computer is a devicethat process data and transforms it in usefull information for people
5¿ what is a smart phone ?
R= a smart phone it’s a phone that has the same functions of a pc
6¿where can you find amainframe computer ?
R= you can find it in large organizations like companies etc.
7¿ what are the parts of a pc?
R=hardware and software
8¿ what is a moderboard?
R= it’s a rectangular board thatcontains a system of circuits that conectsto the processor
9¿ what is a processor?
R= the processor is the computers brain
10¿ what is a cd rom ?
R= is a device that uses laser beams to reed data...
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