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Everything in this story is pure fiction.(This takes place in the 1960s, for future reference).
This is a story about a small city, not a really important one; the only interesting thing about it is that it had a huge hedge maze in the middle of it. Most people that live there don’t remember how long it has been there, and the oldest residents say it has been there for as long as they canremember.
It has always had this sort of aura of mystery around it, and most people don’t dare enter, supposedly years ago, a young man was “double-dared” to enter, get to the middle and go back out.
After 3 hours of waiting for him, they got tired of waiting for him, you’d think it would be big news somebody got lost in a hedge maze in the middle of a city. There should’ve been correspondentseverywhere.
The entire thing had been forgotten by everyone in a couple weeks.
You are a detective, amongst the usual reports; you stumbled across the file of this peculiar case, with “UNSOLVED” in bold, bright red letters. You ask the police chief about it and he only tells you that the boy had problems with pretty much everyone. He thinks he just escaped.
“If the boy wanted to escape, he would’vegone somewhere else” you tell the police chief.
“Well, you want to solve the case? It’s yours”; “I give you a week”
You ask around the neighborhood for witnesses. Apparently, nobody knows where he lived, but someone points you in the right direction.
“He used to hang out with a couple of kids in the junkyard, I’d ask there”
You visit the junkyard, abandoned, by the looks of it, by your firstobservations; it looks like a nest for diseases. You get a surprise when you see some teenagers playing with razor-sharp wedges of metal as if they were swords.
As you get closer one of them notices you.
“What do you want here, cop?” He says.
“I’m looking for the disappeared boy, the one that went into the hedge.”
Some of them retreat when they hear the word ‘hedge’.
Only 3 of them remain, thebiggest of them says “Yeah, what about him?”
“He lost the dare, he never came back out, but I bet he just was too much of a coward to bring me my payment.”
“Why would he bring you payment?” You ask.
“Protection, of course.” He answers.
Apparently, protection was given to the boy by this “gang”. He either paid them, or got belittled every day of his life. They know nothing, back to square one.You decide to visit the hedge, it’s late at night, and the streetlights are dim. Before you is the entrance to the hedge, it is not visited at all, as most people fear it, so you figure you could find something inside.
If you want to find out what happened to that kid, you will need to investigate further.
Something inside you tells you that it’s a bad idea, you don’t know why, but you feelbewitched by the look of it.
“I’ll come back tomorrow” You tell yourself. It probably isn’t a good idea to look for clues in the dark.
You go back to your apartment and get some sleep. The following morning, you go through your usual routine.
You decide to check the local library for any info about the hedge maze.
As you arrive to the library, you are received by a grim-looking librarian. Youask if he knows if there is something about the hedge.
“Ah, another one. Look pal, you’re not the first to come looking for information about it. I really don’t know if we have anything about it.”
“If you want to find something about it, you’ll have to look for it yourself.”
Disappointed, you head to the records section, see if you can find something about it.
You do find a book about thehedge maze in the city, but it is nothing like you were expecting to find. You read some parts of it, something about a strange statue that’s supposed to be inside it, and any that enter gets its soul consumed by it.
You particularly find strange that this book is in the “Records” section rather than the “Fiction” one.
The book was written by someone named Thomas Redfield. You look for something...