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Nombre: Salvador Hernández Sánchez | Matrícula: 2647620 |
Nombre del curso: ENGLISH IV PREPARATORIA | Nombre del profesor: Brisia Ll. Rios Vielma |
Módulo: 2 | Actividad:7 |
Fecha: 27 ofOctober of 2011 | Equipo: No aplica |
Bibliografía: * HullJ. y Proctor S. (2005) Interchange 3 (3ra ed) Estados Unidos:
Cambridge University Press.
ISBN: 978-0-521-614719 |

Objective:-Reinforce the use of present passive voice, but now with the continuous form.

-The teacher explained the topic using Blackboard.
-The students answered the exercises in the book andworkbook.
-The students handed in the answers of the exercises in a report form

1.- Our drinking wáter is being polluted by dead fish in the rivers
2.- The taste of our drinking waterhave been ruined due to chlorine and others additives.
3. - Our eating food is being polluted by sprayed of agricultural pesticides.
4. - Our crops of fruit and vegetables have been destroyed becauseof pollution from cats and trucks.
5.- Our breathing air is being polluted by factory chimneys.
6.- Many people´s health are being damaged as a result of breathing smog everyday.
7.- More droughtsand bigger deserts have been created because of the lack of rain fall.
8.- Forests and wild life have been harmed through global warming.

At this step we can use with moreconfidence the structures studied. We have had a lot of explanation and have done a lot of exercises with these structures.
We have reinforced the use of present continuous passive.
The second structure thatwe reviewed was the present perfect passive. It is important to remember that in this tense the doer of the action is less important than the receiver of the action and this is the reason why thedoer can be omitted.
The last structure was the infinitive clauses and phrases. Infinitive clauses and phrases have two verbs just that the first verb can be in any tense, but the second verb takes...
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