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William Shakespeare _________ (be) born in Stratford-on-Avon on April 23, 1564. He ______ (go) to the local Stratford Grammar School, where he _____ (be) _______ (teach) by Master Walter Roche. Lessons began at six o'clock in the morning in the summer in order to make the most of daylight.

His father __________ (be) ________ (call) John Shakespeare a Stratford upon Avon glove-maker.He __________ (send) William to the local grammar school in 1571, but when William _______ (be) only 14 years old his fortunes fell so low that William __________ (have) to leave school. Some historians say he _________ (work) in his father's shop.

At the age of 19 William ________ (to marry) Anne Hathaway the daughter of a rich farmer near Stratford. Three years later Shakespeare _______(go) to London.How he ________ (live) there we do not know.

In about 1587 he __________ (become) a member of one of the few theatrical companies which _______ (exist) in those days. Around 1590 he _______ (begin) to try his hand at writing plays. There _______ (be) no female actors in those days, all the female parts ______ (be) ______ (play) by boys. It is thought that he ___ (write) his first major play,Henry VI., Part One, in 1592.

His most famous play, Hamlet, ______ (be) probably first seen in 1601 at the Globe Theatre. Shakespeare ________ (continue) to write about 2 plays a year.

He _______ (return) to Stratford in 1612, where he _____ (live) the life of a country gentleman. He _______ (die) of a fever on his birthday in 1616.

Fill in the table, then use the information to finish thesentences and answer the
Play football Walk to school Watch TV Play basketball
Marie No Yes Yes No
Ali Yes No No Yes
1. Did Marie play football yesterday? No, she didn’t.
2. Did Marie walk to school yesterday? _____________
3. Did Marie watch TV yesterday? _____________
4. Did Marie play basketball yesterday? _____________
5. Did Ali play____________ yesterday? Yes, he did.___
6. Did Ali ____________ to school yesterday? _____________
7. Did Ali ____________ TV yesterday? _____________
8. Did Ali play basketball ____________? _____________

1. Put these verbs into the simple past tense.
1. I go _________________
2. We like _________________
3. She has _________________
4. You live _________________
5. They are_________________
2. Tick the things you can find in London.
1. Central Park _____
2. River Thames _____
3. Eiffel Tower _____
4. Statute of Liberty _____
5. Big Ben _____
3. Now read the questions and the answers. Then use them to complete the story
1. Where did Tom go?
He went to London.
2. How did he go there?
He went by plane.
3. Did he like London?
Yes, he did
4. What things were there to see?There was a long river, lots of old buildings and red buses.
5. What did he visit?
He visited Big Ben and a big park called Hyde Park.
6. Who did he go with?
He went with his mother and father.
Last summer Tom went to __________________. He went by
__________________. He went with his __________________ and father.
He __________________ London. There were red __________________ and
lotsof __________________ buildings. There was also a long
__________________. He visited __________________ and a park called

J.K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter books.
J. K.'s name is Joanne Kathleen.
 She ______ ( be) born in 1965 in a small town near Bristol, England.
Joanne _______ (live) with her parents and her sister.
The Rowling family was not rich.Joanne ______ (not go ) to special schools.
She was a quiet child. She _______(love) to read and write stories.
Joanne _____( go) to Exeter University, and she ________ (finish) in 1987.
She _______ (work) in different offices. In her free time, she ______ (write) stories

1) Use the past tense verbs from the box to complete the postcard.
was went visited arrived took
wanted were...
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