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Edgar Allan Poe (Boston, USA, January 19, 1809 - Baltimore, USA, October 7, 1849)

Was a writer, poet, critic and journalist romantic, generally recognized as one oft haveuniversal masters of the short story, Which WAS one of the first practitioners in the country. I WAS renovating the Gothic novel, Remembered for His tales of terror.Considered the inventor of the detective story, Also Contributed to the Emerging several works of science-fiction genre. His Parents, itinerant theater actors, died When He Was Still a Child. On the Other Hand, Was the first renowned Americanwriter writing who tried to make his "modus vivendi" which Had Consequences unfortunate for him.
Edgar Poe was christened in Boston, Massachusetts, and his parents died as a child. Was collected by a wealthycouple from Richmond, Virginia, Frances and John Allan, though never officially adopted. He spent one academic year at the University of Virginia and subsequently enrolled, also briefly, in the military. Their relationshipswith Allan broke at that time, due to continuing disagreements with his stepfather, who of ten ignores his pleas for help and ended up destitute. His literary career began with a book ofpoems, Tamerlane and Other Poems (1827).
For economic reasons, soon directed its efforts to prose, writing short stories and literary criticism for some newspapers of the time, he acquired some notoriety for hiscaustic style and elegance. In Baltimore, in 1835, he married his cousin Virginia Clemm, who told the then 13 years old. In January 1845, published a poem that would make him famous: "The Raven. "His wifedied of tuberculosis two years later. The great dream of the writer, edit their own newspaper (which was renamed The Stylus), was never fulfilled.


Edgar Allan Poe (Boston, EE.UU., 19de enero de 1809 - Baltimore, EE.UU., 7 de octubre de 1849)

Fue un escritor, poeta, crítico y periodista romántico, generalmente reconocido como uno a menudo tienen...
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