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  • Publicado : 28 de septiembre de 2010
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English Business Skills
Litva Lazaneo Molina, Mat. 692401

Case Study : Parry, Parry &Gibson (Suprema Cars)

Executive Summary
Parry, Parry & Gibson the holding company of Suprema Cars is confronting a difficult situation since ithad never before experienced a significant loss of customers and revenues. A thorough analysis was applied to the different areas where the company could face risk in the business plan to come up witha recovery plan. Some of the options that were considered represent a substantial risk for the company, especially in the aspects that involve the task force morale.-------------------------------------------------
The alternatives considered to protect the company and implement the new business plan for the company involve an assessment of the risk level according to 7evaluation variables (an overall overview can be found in annexed table):
* Reputation
* Personal Security
* Country / Political
* Environmental
* Design and Construction
* Financial* Morale of Workforce
The alternatives that were considered are as follows:
* Cut prices and lower margin
* Cut production costs , install automated machinery. Modernize factory. Riseprices
* Increase production to 4,ooo cars, subcontract some of the components.
* Joint venture with overseas manufacturer to build the engine
* Use brand name and launch small car
*Help from Eurpean manufacturer / stake in company
* The company has not invested in plant and work conditions in some time and has notimplemented a maintenance plan for the building; it has leaks in the ceiling and workers are concerned for their safety.
* There is no reading of the needs and preferences of the market that the...
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