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Time to help out!
My friends and love to help out, every week we set aside some time to volunteer sometimes.
Every Friday afternoon, my mom and I volunteer tohelp out at soup kitchen. There, I help my mom serve food to he homeless and other people in need.
The next morning, I met many at the park. Many is great atplaying sports , so every Saturday he volunteers to help his uncle coach a community baseball team. There, he helps younger kids learn how to bat and throw the ball.He also teaches them to work hard and to be nice to one another.
While many was talking to families and playing ball with the kids, lisa was busy rehearsingwhit her choir. Lisa has a beautiful voice, so he spends a lot of her free time singing in a choir. Lisa’s choir is very special because they sing in places wherepeople do not get many visitors or have much entertainment.
On Tuesday, my friends and I got together to play soccer after school. But our friend long did notshow up for practice, the next day lang was painting a mural on a tree house.
John was very excited about the pictures Lang had painted for the posters. He told usthat his favorite was a picture of a park full of trees and beautiful plants.
The next morning I knew that linda was happy to help with the posters, but she wasa little disappointed because she still did not know how to use her talents to motivate people to volunteer.
After many days of hard work, it was finally timefor our “let’s clean up our city” event. People from all over the city came to help out.
By the time the event was over, the city was a cleaner –and we were tired.
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