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Lesson 34
1. ¿When do you use the expression “this´ll do it”?

2. ¿If you need to know where a store is, do you go to the information counter?
3. ¿Are clerks usually nice?Sometimes some
4. ¿When you rent a movie how long can you keep it?
Maximum three days
5. ¿What’s a synonym of “none”?
A synonym for "none" is nothing
6. ¿Why are some books classified as 7-dayloans?

7. ¿What happens when you pay yours phone bill after the due date?
They take our phone service
8. ¿Will you be going home soon?
9. ¿How much does a taxi charge to take youto the airport?
About twenty five thousand pesos
10. ¿How much is the fine for running a red light?
More or less two hundred fifty thousand pesos
11. ¿How much do you have to pay when a bookis a week overdue?
More or less ten thousand pesos
12. ¿How many times should you brush your teeth a day?
Four times a day
13. ¿How do you show that you appreciate something?
Showing themhow important it is for me
14. ¿When do you use the expression “don’t mention it”?

Lesson 36
1. ¿Do you face your problems?

2. ¿Would you like to travel around the world?
3.¿When do you use the expression “to tell you the truth”?

4. ¿When do you answer “I haven´t got the foggiest idea”?
When no have idea something
5. ¿Is a college education important?
Yes6. ¿What do you long for?

7. ¿What’s a good age to move out on your own?
At the age of sixteen years
8. ¿What do you take with you when you go off on a trip?
A suitcase with clothing9. ¿How would you have the time of your life?

10. ¿When do you use the expression “think of it that way”?

11. ¿Should you make up your mind fast when choosing a career?

12. ¿Whyshould you consult a counselor when choosing a career?
To be informed
13. ¿When do you use the expression “as a matter”?
When we have to correct someone
14. ¿Who gives you a lift to your...
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