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Danielle’s mother cooks fish at home five times a month.
Homero’s dog plays in the yard every Morning
Samantha’s cousin eats hotdogs at home every weekend
Mary, Zac andyou buy candies from Wednesday to Friday
Andrea’s aunt, and Nicole work in a flower shop on weekdays
Julie drinks soda at home every nights
Mario sleeps in the school in the morning
Sandy searcheswork from Monday to Friday


Philip doesn’t work in the theater from Monday to Sunday
Lisa’s niece doesn’t watch horror movies in the night
Emily’s child doesn’t play in thepark on Monday afternoons
Evelyn’s boyfriend and you don’t go shopping on weekdays
Florence, Hannah and me don’t make congratulations cards
Wendy’s aunts don’t smile at church on Sunday morningsBart’s friends don’t go fishing twice a year
Ian doesn’t open the door in the nights


Does Lawren go at work in the afternoons? No, she doesn’t
DoesRoy’s sister play in a band in a disco? Yes, she does
Does Bob repair doors from Monday to Tuesday? Yes, he does
Do Zoey, Lili and you write a messaje every night? No, we don’t
Do you listen classicmusic from Wednesday to Friday? Yes, I do
Do Nancy and Louis go at church on Sunday Mornings? Yes, They do


What does Melisa’s brother in law eat fast food or cake? He eatsfast food
What do Alix and you sing Monday mornings? We sing the national anthem
What kind of music do you listen? I listen pop music
What kind of notebook do you use? We use french notebookWhere do America and Sasha cook chicken? They cook it at Sasha’s house
Where does Antonio play chess in the afternoons? He plays it in the park
When do Ariel and Yanis go to the school? They go therefrom Monday to Saturday
When does Hilary go to the Pilar’s party? She goes there tomorrow
How often do you play tennis? We play twice a week
How often does Cesar drink orange juice? He drinks it...
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