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Of mice and men
Author biography:
Jhon Steinbeck was born in California on February 27 1902
His family is consisted in his parents and his three siblings.
Hegrew up and went to school in Salinas, California.
In 1925 he went to Stanford University but he didn’t finish he studies and moved to New York.
He lived in New York for one year and returned toSalinas.
Between 1929 and 1930 he wrote two novels which were not successful.
In 1935 his first successful “ Their blod “ was published . For this novel he was awarded the `` Gol Medal `` prize to anovel written by a Californian.

His following Works were more serius, he wrote reports about immigrants. In 1939 he published `` The Grapes of Wrath`` which some critics consider his best work.
Themain charactics of his novel are that they contain a lot of non-standard language and the events take place in California.

The events narrated take place in a ranch and sorrounding areasin Salinas Valley, during the harsh depression years of 1930s, America.


The story begins presenting two Californian intinerant workers who have developed close friendship (Georg andLennie).
George is small but intelligent while Lennie is big and strong but has a some sort of mental disorder.
These two men have a common dream: to get some land their own, in order to have plants,some animals (including rabbits) and be independent.
Previously, they had worked in a ranch in Weeps.
At this time, they were also running away from their previus jobs because Lennie was accused ofrape by a girl he had touched her soft dress.
In their new workplace they are met by an old man named Candy who tells them about the work to be done and some people in the ranch.
George had warnedLennie that he had to stay quiet and avoid doing bad things not to be in hot water.
One Sunday afternoon just Lennie was in the barn. He sat in the hay and looked at a Little dead puppy he had...
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