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[DAL / ENGLiSH C - 2] |
"The most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul."David O. McKay |

Direct Speech | Reported Speech |
Simple Present | Simple Past |
"I work in Argentina" / "I am a teacher" | He said that he worked in Argentina / He saidthat he was a teacher |
Simple Past | Simple Past Perfect |
"We saw a good film on TV" / "I was tired" | They said that they had seen a good film on TV / He said that he had been tired |Simple Future | Simple Conditional |
"I will visit my mother" / "She will be happy to see me" | He said that he would visit his mother / He said that she would be happy to see him |
Direct Speech | Reported Speech |
can | could |
"I can stay here until Sunday" | He said he could stay there until Sunday |
"I can do this alone" | He said that he could do that alone|
may | might |
"I may go fishing next weekend" | He said he might go fishing next weekend |
"We may travel to Europe" | They said that they might travel to Europe |
will | would |
"Iwill stay here" | He said that he would stay there |
"I will not go away" | He said that he wouldn't go away |
must | had to |
"I must work everyday" | He said he had to work everyday |"I must not arrive late" | He said he didn't have to arrive late |
Time and Place
Direct Speech | Reported Speech |
now | then, at that moment |
today | that day |
tonight | that night|
last night | the previous night, the night before |
this morning | that morning |
tomorrow | the next day, the following day |
yesterday | the previous day, the day before |
thisweek | that week |
next week | the following week, the week after |
last year | the previous year, the year before |
next year | the following year, the year after |
here | there |
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