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The Rivals
Scene 1
The history begins in a park with a couple…
-David: I love you Karen
-Karen: Me to, we will never get apart
-David: I want to get married with you
-Karen: But we are veryyoung
-David: We will grown up as quick as a wink
-Karen: Yes, but also I think I’m not ready
-David: What are yo Ok, don’t beat around the bush, tell me what happen with
-Karen: Ok, I haveto been sincerately with you, but the true is hard. I have two years with you and I don’t love any more
-David: That’s all, I love you, don’t say this, is a joke?
-Karen: Is the true and I have anew love and I am really fall in love
-David: I miss judged you, you let me down on the first try

Scene 2
Then in another part of the park..
-Jose: Raul, Raul, I am so exited, I get a new girl,her name is Karen
-Raul: And you love her?
-Jose: No, you know that I don’t love any girl, I always play with my girlfriends for a week and then I cut them
-Raul: You are bad, you can’t this withthe girls
-Jose: I can do this, I am the big boss
Raul: You have to learn me, I really love a girl and her name is Teresa, I met her in this park the last week, but I don’t know how to close he-Jose: As quick as a wink you have this girl with you, but with my advices
-Raul: All talk, no action!! Help me!!
-Jose: First buy some presents for her
-Raul: Yes I buy chocolates, but I have anotherproblem…
-Jose: What problem?
-Raul: Another boy loves her, his name is Gerry and he is stupid and presumid
-Jose: that’s not a problem , you will win the love of Teresa
-Raul: well, that’s all Iwant
-Jose: When there's a will, there's a way

Scene 3
-Raul: That’s true, Oh Look There is Teresa but, wait, the boy next to her is Gerry?
-Jose: Oh man I think that yes
-Raul: Oh I have tochek it
-Jose: Well
-Raul: Hey you what are you doing with Tere?
-Gerry: I’m his boyfriend
-Raul: Oh Teresa is that true?
-Teresa: Raul I’m so sorry but that’s true
-Raul: Wait don’t tell me...
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