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Name: Daniel Baracaldo Santamaria intermediate b1.1
Teacher: pablo higuera grupo: lunes 6:30 a 7:45 pm
Johanna Blakley: Lessons from fashions free culture
Thefashion industry, which has little copyright protection for the world, is a fascinating object of study in the XXI century when compared to industries with strong protection of this type and are havingdifficulty competing in the digital marketplace. They have found it very difficult to protect their creative products where fans can make perfect copies click of a button.
While it is tempting tobelieve that greater copyright protection tools and more restrictive digital rights management are the only thing that can save these industries and the artists who fight in them the example of thefashion industry suggests otherwise. Blakley presented his research on the fashion industry and other industries that deal with the results as creative commons shares that can be freely reused, recreatedand recombined.

She explores how the lack of protection of Intellectual Property in the fashion industry makes an excellent fashion design through cultural diplomacy, intercultural conversations andcollaborations. Democratization of the product. Most people can access fashion garments. Only a minority can buy exclusive designer garments. They are different markets with different customers, whodo not have to overlap. Rapid establishment of global fashion. With a few designers and / or brands being copied, trends can be established quickly. Rapid obsolescence in establishing a rapidfashion, wearing last season is obsolete, thus requiring the buyer to renew your wardrobe. This is good for the plagiarized to the copier, due to a continuous sale. Acceleration in creative innovation. Thiscontinuous and rapid evolution requires designers to be in continuous innovation to develop new products to market.

The only protection in this sector is the brand, introduced by manufacturers...
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