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Abyssiniawas a once Independent nation and member of the League of Nations nestled right above the horn of Africa in eastern Africa. The problem caused by Abyssinia between 1935 and1936 caused a lot of tension and problems in Europe, and caused Germany and the Nazis as well as Italy and the fascist together.
History of the Problem
After World War 1, many nations such asBritain, France and Italy started colonizing in African nations. Italy, started colonizing in Africa after France and Britain, and was not happy after only being able to conquer unimportant territoriessuch as Eritrea and Somaliland. In an attempt to conquer better and more important land, Italy turned to Abyssinia, which was an independent nation at the time. The Italians were unsuccessful inconquering this nation after a variety of failed attempts. At this time in Italy, Benito Mussolini was in power, and had a great desire to show just how powerful and strong the Italian empire really was.Mussolini was determined to conquer Abyssinia in the name of his empire, and he did not care how he had to accomplish that.
The Italians signed a treaty of peace with the Abyssinian government, wellin the meanwhile, they were already planning to attack the nation when they least expected it. Inside the nation of Abyssinia was an oasis called Wal wal that was on the border of the ItalianSomaliland, therefore making this a desirable piece of property for the Italians. At this time, Italy was facing economic problems, and what Mussolini was hoping for was to unite the nation behind theirleader, and after conquering Abyssinia, use the resources taken to help benefit the economy. Italians also felt that they did not receive enough territory from the treaty of Versailles, signed in 1919, andAbyssinia was a good way to compensate for that.
Current Situation
In October of 1935, Italy invaded Abyssinia. Abyssinia, as being a less developed African nation, was at a disadvantage in...
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