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  • Publicado : 16 de enero de 2012
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José Ramón Romero Ochoa
Ingles IV
Marco Santos
The blows are not the way to educate peopleAbuse is any action physical, sexual or emotional or accidental omission in the treatment towards a minor, their parents or caregivers, which causes physical or psychologicalharm that, threatens their physical and psychological development.
There are two types of blows:
Physical: is the use of violence, purposeful, repetitive, and whose purposeis to cause pain, usually produced as a result of negative behavior, real or imaginary, which has committed a child, and aims to complete the change of behavior that theadult considered harmful and injurious, either to the child, adult or society
Emotional: is more subtle but no less painful, its main feature is to cause discomfort emotional,there are two fundamental modes, the active, which humiliates and degrades the other person leads to feelings of hopelessness, insecurity, and poor self-esteem, this ismanifested by insults or name calling.

We have some causes that provocate the abuse of child:
* The usual.
* Lack of communication
* Lack of conviction about
*Want to get respect based on fear.
We have the impacts that provocate this form of education:
* Physical damage
* Lifetime Trauma
* Low self-esteem
So we never hit like a form of education because we are doing serious harm to the person who is affected, that is why the behavior must change before being educatedas well, but why not continue to do the same.
We must be aware before you act or react the wrong way is why I suggest talking to them and reach an agreement but nothing beats
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