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Food & Drinks | Alimentos y Bebidas | |
Bottled | embotellado | drinks in bottles that can be transported |
Canned | enlatado | food or beverages that are in a can |
Cheap | barato | foods and beverages that are low cost |
Chilled | enfriado | foodsand beverages that are refrigerated to keep fresh |
Draught | Calado | |
Dry | seco | drinks that are made without any other supplement |
Expensive | caro | Food and drinks are very high cost |
Herbal | Herbario | beverages made ​​from herbs |
Soft | Suave | beverages that have little alcoholic content |
Sparkling | Espumoso | Foam beverage, such as champagne |
Still | Tranquilo | |Sweet | Dulce | food and beverages, sweet flavor, such as jam |
Traditional | Tradicional | food and drinks, typical of a region |
Drinks (alcoholic) | Bebidas (alcoholicas) | |
Ale | cerveza inglesa | beer typical of the UK |
Aperitif | Aperitivo | drink served meals to start |
Beer | Cerveza | drink made of fermented barley |
Bitter | Amargo | strong-tasting drink on the palate |
Brandy |brandy | is a spirit produced by the distillation of wine |
Champagne | Champán | French sparkling wine with appellation of origin in the region of the same name |
Cocktail | Cóctel | is a preparation of a mixture of different drinks in different proportions, which usually contains one or more types of alcohol with other ingredients |
Cognac | Coñac | The Brandy or Cognac (from the French town ofCognac) is a type of brandy that is made from white grape wine strains cultivated near that city |
Cuba libre | Cuba libre | resulting cocktail is a mixture of rum and cola. |
Gin | Ginebra | Alcoholic beverages flavored with dill |
House wine | vino de casa | wines produced in the same place where they sell |
Irish coffee | Café irlandés | The mixture of whiskey, three cubes of sugar, blackcoffee and two tablespoons of cream, |
Lager | Lager | Lager beer is a kind of pronounced flavor that is served cold |
Liqueur | Licor | A liqueur is a sweet alcoholic beverage (or dry), often flavored with fruits, herbs, or spices |
Long drink | trago largo | are combinations that contain lots of fluids |
On the rocks | En las rocas | is a drink that only dry ice is added |
Port | | |Sherry | | |
Soda | Soda | sweet drink, which is gasified |
Spirit(UK) /liquor(US) | Espíritu (Reino Unido) / licor (EE.UU.)
| |
Vodka | Vodka | Vodka is a distilled beverage. Vodka is one of the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. |
Whisky | Whisky | is an alcoholic beverage obtained by the distillation of a fermented mash of grains such as barley, wheat, malt, rye and corn, andsubsequent aging in wooden barrels, traditionally white oak. |
(White, red, rose) wine | (Blanco, rojo, rosa), vino | The wine (from the Latin vinum) is a drink made from grapes (Vitis vinifera) by alcoholic fermentation of must or juice. [2] The fermentation is caused by the metabolic action of yeasts transform the sugars of the fruit in alcohol ethyl gas as carbon dioxide. |
Drinks(no-alcoholic) | Bebidas (no-alcohólicas) | |
Camomile tea | Manzanilla | tea is commonly used to help with sleep and is often served with either honey or lemon. |
Capuccino | Capuccino | Cappuccino is an Italian drink prepared with espresso, milk and milk foam |
Cocoa/ drinking chocolate | Cacao / beber chocolate | The hot chocolate or hot chocolate is a preparation that is done by removing the nut butterand cocoa mixed with sugar, making a sweet paste that is soluble in water and milk. It is customary to add sweet spices like cinnamon or cloves. |
Coffee | Café | It's called drink coffee to get the fruits and seeds of the coffee plant is highly stimulating Drink to contain caffeine. |
Decaffeinated coffee | café descafeinado | coffee to which caffeine is removed so that this does not alter...
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