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|1. Careers and communication |Tarea 3|
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|“blackboard tecmilenio”|

Change the following sentences to the tense indicated in parenthesis at the end of the sentence.
• Coca Cola'sindependent bottler in Morocco bought the only bottler of rival Pepsi. (future with going to)

• Coca cola its going to bouy the only bottler of rival pepsi in the coming months.

• JimGoodbody has decided to go ahead with the export operation, using Physique Ltd. as distributor.  (past tense)

• Last quarter jim good has decided to go ahead with the export operation, usingPhysique Ltd. as distributor

• Johnson Electric's foreign market activities began just two years ago. (past perfect)

• Johnson electric’s foreign market activities started two years ago  prior to considering merging with the competition.

• The Human Resources Manager devised a new way to evaluate employees performance. (present perfect)

• The human resources manager...
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