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|Ingles 6 | ||Módulo: |Actividad: |
|2. Conditional rules: zero, first, second; perfect future and |10.Narrative tenses |
|continuous future, usually, used to, get used to. | |

Review and understand further the Past tense.
Review and understand further the Past continuous.
Review and understand furtherthe Past perfect.
Review and understand further the Past perfect continuous.
Write the cinderella story but using the narrative sentences.
Once upon a time in a familywhere everybody were happy but suddenly the things started to go bad because one day the mother got sick and the child didn't know anything about it so the father was thinking to start to look for a newmother for the girl, so when she died the father already had another woman, a woman who had two girls whos they were very beautiful outside but vile and black of heart.
Over time, the evilstepmother had begining to treat the stepdaughter like a wench making her do the heavier work of the house. At the same time the stepsisters took cinderella´s clothes away from her, put an old grey bedgown...
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