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Techniques and applications CAN-Bus Angular-position sensors Steering-wheel-angle sensors ±780° Throttle-valve angular-position sensors 88° Yaw-rate sensors Rotational-speed sensors Rotational speeds and angle Rotational speeds Acceleration sensors Pyroelectric sensors up to ±5 g Piezoelectric sensors up to 35 g Surface-type micromechanical sensors ±10 g to ±50 g Piezoelectric vibrationsensors Vibration sensors for signal evaluation Pressure sensors Pressure measurement In gases from –100 kPa to 5 kPa In gases and liquid mediums from –2.5 kPa to +3.75 kPa In atmosphere from 60 kPa to 115 kPa In gases up to 250 kPa In gases up to 400 kPa In gases and liquid mediums up to 600 kPa Pressure sensors up to 1800 bar (180 MPa) 26 28 30 32 34 40 45 16 18 20 22 24 12 14 6 8 10 2 4Temperature sensors Air temperatures from –40 °C to 130 °C Liquid temperatures from –40 °C to 130 °C 50 52

Air-mass meters Air-mass flow rates up to 1080 kg/h Air-mass flow rates up to 1000 kg/h Lambda oxygen sensors Enquiry data sheet We reserve the right to make technical changes. 54 56 58 61

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Techniques and applications

This catalog features the most importanttechnical data required for selecting a given sensor. To date, the sensors listed have all been used in automotive applications, but their universal and highly versatile characteristics also make them ideally suitable for industrial applications. For instance in:

q Manufacturing engineering q Mechanical engineering q Automation q Materials handling and conveying q Heating and air-conditioning qChemical and process engineering q Environmental and conservation technology q Installation and plant engineering Automotive application
Throttle-valve-angle measurement for engine management on gasoline (SI) engines. Wheel-speed measurement for ABS/TCS, engine speeds, positioning angle for engine management, measurement of steeringwheel angle, distance covered, and curves/bends for vehicle navigationsystems. Registration of vehicular acceleration and deceleration. Used for the Antilock Braking System (ABS) and the Traction Control System (TCS). For engine management, detection of vibration on rough/unpaved road surfaces.

Brief descriptions and examples of application are to be found in the Table below. For the applications listed below, prior clarification of the technical suitability isimperative. This Catalog only lists those products which are available from series manufacture. If your problem cannot be solved with this range of products, please inform of us of your requirements using the Enquiry Data Sheet. Examples of non-automotive applications
Door/window opening angle, setting-lever angles in monitoring and control installations. Proximity or non-contact measurement ofrotational speed, displacement and angular measurement, definition of end and limit settings for industrial machines, robots, and installations of all types. Acceleration and deceleration measurement for safety, control, protective systems in lifts, cable railways, fork-lift trucks, conveyor belts, machines, wind power stations. Forced switch-off for machines, industrial robots, manufacturingplant, and gaming machines in case of sudden acceleration or deceleration caused by shock or impact. Detection of impact in monitoring/surveillance installations, detection of foreign bodies in combine harvesters, filling machines, and sorting plants. Registration of score during rifleman competitions. Stabilization of model vehicles and airplanes, safety circuits in carousels and other entertainmentdevices on fairgrounds etc. Machine-tool safety, cavitation detection, pivotbearing monitoring, structure-borne-noise detection in measurement systems. Pressure control in electronic vacuum cleaners, monitoring of pneumatic production lines, meters for air-pressure, altitude, blood pressure, manometers, storm-warning devices. Monitoring of over and underpressure. Pressure limiters, filled-level...
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