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  • Publicado : 20 de septiembre de 2010
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It was Christmas time and a married couple wanted the date was unforgettable and special. They call Della and Jim and each one of them wantedto give something special for the other, so Della had been saving hard to buy for Christmas present for her husband.
Della remembered the gold watch that her husbandliked so much and that had been his father’s and his grandfather’s before him, so she decided to give him a gold chain for his watch.
On the other hand Jim who liked hiswife’s hair wanted to give Della a set of a beautiful tortoiseshell hair combs.
But the problem was that neither Della nor Jim had enough money to buy these gifts.
Soeach of them had to make sacrifices to buy gifts.
Della decided to go cut and stopped in front of the door which bore a sign saying “Hair Goods of all Kinds and sold herhair for twenty dollars, She was sad, but when she could buy the gold chain her smile returned to her face.
But when she returned to her home on the way she stopped tolook a beautiful set of tortoiseshell hair comb at her favorite shop. Della caught a glimpse on her reflection in the window and cut her hand up to her newly-cut locks,then Della thought about, what would Jim say?
She was sure he’d forgive her once he saw his present.
When Jim got home, he was surprised to see his wife cut her hair, sohe immediately he asked to her about it, because he had sold his watch to buy the tortoiseshell hair comb for her.
Finally they exchanged the presents. Della was thefirst who opened her present, then was Jim and when they realized that it was, they looked into their eyes and they didn’t know how to react and they just told thank.
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