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Jennifer Lopez is set to join ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’
Article by Sylvie Goulet on April 27, 2011

Jennifer Lopez has signed up to be in the next ‘Ice Age’ movie.
The ‘The Back-Up Plan’actress will voice the character of sabre-toothed tiger Shira in ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’, the fourth film in the franchise, which is also set to star ‘The Hurt Locker’ actor Jeremy Renner and DenisLeary.
Denis will play Shira’s love interest Diego in the computer-animated movie – which features series regulars Seann William Scott, Ray Romano, Queen Latifah and Josh Peck – while Jeremy hassigned up to play Gutt in the film that looks sure to be a hit with such a star-studded cast.
The movie – which is scheduled for release in July 2012 – sees Manny, Diego and Sid create a makeshift shipfrom an iceberg and attempt to be reunited with their herd after they were separated from the rest of the gang.
No doubt there will be endless comic moments in the movie, not least from Chris Wedge’scharacter Scrat. We can’t wait!
Jennifer Lopez new song ‘Take Care’ Leaks
Jennifer Lopez says Lady Gaga’s producer is ‘awesome’.

Lady Gaga says Judas video is ”the greatest”
Article by Zoé Bergeron April 28, 2011

Lady Gaga has revealed her ‘Judas‘ video is “the greatest”.
The ‘Poker Face’ singer -- who is well known for being controversial in the music industry -- stars as MaryMagdalene in the video, which came under fire from religious groups.
Gaga was forced to release her ‘Judas’ single four days earlier than planned following a leak online, which she later described asa “slow death”.
But hopefully there will be no leak when her video drops, and if Gaga’s own opinion is anything to go by then we’re all in for a great watch.
She told ‘Daybreak’:
“The message offaith in the video is so powerful and beautiful. I think that the video will be one of the most ‘I didn’t know that about her’ things that has ever happened.”
‘Judas’ is the second single from the...
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