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  • Publicado : 20 de julio de 2010
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i live in san borja. san borja is a good city, because there are many places.

it has the national library and the famous Roche laboratory in javier prado avenue, in fact of there are many fastfoods, banks and two clinics in guardia civil avenue.

i talk about san lucas clinic and santa isabel clinic.san lucas clinic is on the corner of guardia civil avenue and ferreyros street and santaisable clinic is next to deza drugstore.

in my block there is a bakery, there is a market, there is a kinder garden and there is a internet.the charls internet is on guardia civil avenue and thejuan´s bakery is between lucho´s market and nazareno kinder garden. in back of my house.

in fact of; there are two supermarkets in ucello street. i talk about wong and plaza vea supermarkets.the wongsupermarket is in the corner of ucello street and bernini street, in front of plaza vea.

also there is a park , in back of wong^s supermarket , the regoyos park between bernini and carpacciostreet,in regoyos street .

for people who like sport there is a gold gym in the corner of javier prado avenue and ucello street. and for people who likes asian food there is a mandarin restaurant onjavier prado avenue, between quality products store and gold gym.

also you have many options of fast foods.the mac donalls fast food is near of my house, mac donalls is in the corner of javier pradoavenue and guardia civil avenue.

but there are others fast food in san borja.there are three fast food before plaza vea supermarket. I like pizza hut and bembos. pizza hut is next to burger king fastfood; and bembos fast food is in back of plaza vea supermarket in the corner of carpaccio street and morelli street.

also you find many banks in morelli street. there are six banks. I go to bcpbank. Bcp bank is....................,

well, i think that san borja is great neighborhood. tha^s all.

Yo vivo en san borja. San Borja es una buena ciudad, porque hay muchos lugares. 

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