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Flag Emblem
Headquarters New York
Tupe union supranational
Secretan general ban ki-moon
Foundation 24octuber 1946, 64Members 192 countries
Significations (UN) Organization of the United Nations
Functions (activities) International events
A meeting occurs every year and when an issue isconsidered particularly important deal at that time, the General Assembly may recommend to the Security Council an International Conference and Security Council decides if you should do or not tofocus global attention and build a consensus for a unified action performs a meeting each year. An example would be the United Nations Conference on environment and development (Earth Summit),from 3 to 14 June 1992, whose agreements led to the adoption of the Agenda 21 program by 179 countries.
Seat remains under jurisdiction and laws of the United States, withthe exception of some members thereof who have diplomatic immunity for what may not be processed by local courts while the Secretary-General not renounce the immunity. For security reasons, allreceived mail is sterilized. The United Nations Postal Administration, issued stamps cancelled that must be postage all items sent from the building. Accredited journalists, hen reporting fromthe complex, not be used as identification of your location in recognition of its status of extraterritoriality
Countries involved
* [1]Vatican City (Holy See is an observer member),* The Order of Malta, based in Rome, is a subject of international law and observer member,
* Palestine (the Palestine Liberation Organization is an observer member),
* The RepublicChina-Taiwan (whose seat on the UN was transferred to the PRC in 1971),
* The Western Sahara (officially is a non-self-governing territory in Spanish, administration as document S/2002/161).
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