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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2010
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Aloisis Lobelle
Homework: The older code of medical ethics.
Professor: Hiram Paz

Current progress in medical and life sciences has acquired revolutionary featuresand heralds breath taking developments in medical technology and human engineering. Like any force, biosciences need to be harnessed for the welfare of humanity, and be so guided as never to stray tobe a destructive power, as happened to nuclear fission in the near past.

In the wake of application of modern discoveries in human reproduction, heredity, recombinant DNA and synthesis ofbehavior-influencing drugs, our generation is witnessing a radical shaking of our heritage of moral values and codes of behavior.

In an attempt to keep human knowledge on the proper track prescribed by Godas HE declared Man as HIS viceroy on this planet, colonizing earth, searching for God's laws and putting them to beneficial use, this document was submitted to the First International Conference onIslamic Medicine held in Kuwait at the onset of the Fifteenth Hijri Century (6-10 Rabies A wall 1401: 12-16 January 1981). The document was endorsed by that conference as the Islamic Code of MedicalEthics.

Medicine in the USA: historical vignettes. V. The 'old code' of medical ethics and some problems it had to face
KIE: Attempts by nineteenth-century American physicians to upgrade the status ofthe medical profession influenced the development of their code of ethics, as chronicled here. Unlike the case in Great Britain, physicians in the U.S. did not constitute a homogenous class inbackground and education. To distinguish 'regular' physicians from other practitioners such as homeopaths, medical societies tended to emphasize adherence to 'orthodox medical beliefs' in defining thestandards of the profession.
Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs
The Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs (CEJA) develops ethics policy for the AMA. Composed of seven practicing physicians, a...
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