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  • Publicado : 19 de enero de 2011
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Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
(Leiden, 15 of July of 1606 - Amsterdam, 4 of October of 1669) he was a successful painter and Dutch engraver. The history of the art surely considers one of thebaroque masterful majors of the painting and engraving him, being the most important artist of the history of Holland. Its contribution to the painting agrees and so the historians have given in callingthe Dutch golden age, the considered algid moment of its culture, science, commerce, power and influences policy.
Having achieveed the success in youth, their last years were marked by the personaltragedy and the economic ruin. Their drawings and paintings were always very popular, also enjoying great predicament between the artists, and during twenty years it became the teacher of practicallyall the Dutch painters. Between the majors creative profits of Rembrandt they are the skillful pictures that realised for their contemporaries, their self-portraives and their illustrations of Biblicalscenes. In its self-portraives, especially, we always found the humble and sincere glance of an artist who drew up in them his own biography.
Rembrandt had a deep knowledge of the classiciconography, and in its recorded paintings and it used to interpret it freely to fit it to its own experience. Thus, in the representation of a Biblical scene Rembrandt it used to combine its own knowledge ofthe text with its particular concept of the classic composition and some anecdotal observations of the Jewish population of Amsterdam. By the empathy whereupon it portrayed the human condition,Rembrandt has been considered "one of the great prophets of civilization".
That one managed to create paintings in 3D was of the many reasons of because he was so famous. His Saskia wife dies in 1642 withwhom she had had children, helped she it economically since she was of a good family. When Saskia dies, an economic crisis came to him. In 1656 it is declared in bankruptcy and they cleared several...
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