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changing roles: stay-at-home

British mechanic Neil Walkingshaw was looking for his newborn child wen he approached his boss with a proposal in early 2000. Reluctant to hire a babysitter once his wife's maternity leave ended anda she returned to work, Walkingshaw ased if e could switch to part-time hours in order to spend half of each day at home looking after his '' too messy '' and that itwould be difficult to get anyone to share Walkingshaw's job. Knowing that the company he worked for had granted similar requests to female employess, Walkingshaw sued on the grounds of sex discrimination. On November 20, 2001, an industrial tribunal ruled that Walkinshaw had been discrinated against and awarded him 3, 600. the uling is believed to be the first of its kind, and demonstrates justhow much views on parental roles have changed pver the years.

As littler as thirty years ago, few people questioned the gender roles taha had prevailed for centuries. The conventional wisdom was that a woman' place was in the hme and that table .In the 1970s and 80s, however, greater numbers of working women meant that men were n longer the sole breadwinner. A father's emotional involvementwith his family also became more important. forty years , almost no husbands were present in the delivery room whe their wives gave birth. today, it is generally expected for male partners to attend childbirth classes, be there for the delivery , and to take more responsability for child rearing? than their fathers or grandfathers did.

in addition to society changing views of the role men play inrelation to childcare, social scientists are also re-examining the contribution a father makes to his childs welfare and development. researchers have found evidence to suggest that father plays a role in child development that is quite different from that of the mother. According to the research, father tend to be more playful, thus encouraging children to develop in a different way emotionallyand physically than a child minht under a mother's exclusive care.

studies have also found that the presence of the father in the home can contribute to lower rates of teenage pregnancy. Difference in parenting styles between men and women are also believed to contribute to children's ability to understand and comunicate emotions in diferent ways. the research supports claims by some groupsthat the absence of a faters in the family is the single biggest social problem in moden society.

in recennt years , organizations like the U.S.-bases National fatherhoodinitiative have begun to argue that the presence of the father is vital to take a more a ctive role in their children's lives. The movement also calls for the craeation of a nes imagen of fatherhoo, one that goes beyond thetraditional view of the father solely as provider and also includes the equally crucial roles of nurturer, moral example, disciplinarian and teacher.

many family experts believe that the ability of a family to raise well-adjusted children has much to do with a society promoting healthy.

nuevas funciones: se quedan en casa

Británica mecánico Walkingshaw Neil fue en busca de su wen niñorecién nacido se acercó a su jefe con una propuesta a principios de 2000. Reacios a contratar a una niñera, una vez por maternidad de su mujer deje de composición anda regresó al trabajo, Walkingshaw asándose si e puede cambiar a hora a tiempo parcial con el fin de pasar la mitad de cada día en casa cuidando de su''''demasiado sucio y que sería difícil de conseguir a nadie para compartir el trabajoWalkingshaw. Sabiendo que la empresa trabajó para otorgó peticiones similares a los colaboradores de las mujeres, Walkingshaw demandado por motivos de discriminación sexual. El 20 de noviembre de 2001, un tribunal laboral dictaminó que había sido Walkinshaw discrinated en contra y le otorgó 3, 600. la uling se cree que es el primero de su clase, y demuestra hasta qué puntos de vista tanto de...
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