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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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Cristiano Ronaldo
He is SO HANDSOME! Okay, his name is cristiano ronaldo and is a football player , he is from Portugal , and he is Portuguese OF COURSE! And he is 26 years old, andactuality he is on the Real Madrid Team and if you wanna call him here you are his telephone number is : 55-235-58 ;)

Wesley Sneijder
Now, other footballer, he is netherlander oh my god! And hisage is 27 wow he is younger but there are a problem HE IS MARRIED! oh no no no, well its okay, and his cellphone is 405 942 1940 and he is from Netherland Yeah!

And finally, other footballer, but isure that is the last okay?, well he is philipp Lahm and I love him :3 he is form germany and of course is German, his age is 29 and his telephone number is 87-556-43 but don’t call him because IS MY!Carla Felicia
Now, lets continue with my family, she is my sister Carla Felicia and she is Mexican♥, she birthed in méxico, she is my older sister and she is 19 she is a little old haha and is soSmart! And her cellphone is :3227289332

Enedy Gonzáles
She is Enedina oh how I ´prefere call her enedy, she is from Italy, so is Italian and she is 15 years old, if you wanna call her , here areher number 3221335425

Carlos Carrillo
He is Carlos Carrillo, oh god! He is from Francia and is French , he is so funny, and his cellphone is 868-42-781 he’s 16 years old

Angy Hernandez
Othergirl, she is Angy, she is from polac, and well she is polish, she is 15 years old yeah is young and her telephone number is 322-185-472

Bianca Bianey
She is my argentinian friend Bianca’ and herorigin country is Argentina, she’s 14 years
old and her cellphone is 0552-69-78

Brenda Castillo
And that’s me, pretty ah? I know it, ok I’m mz<éxican yeah!, I birthed in méxico, I’m 15 yearsold, and my telephone number is 281-2613 (:


a)Hello Andrew!
b)Hey Brenda, how are you?
a)Fine thanks, and you?
b)Fine too , well...
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