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Name _______________________________________ Date_________________

Part One

Reported Speech. When you report what somebody said, some changes are made.

I. Complete:
1. “Idon’t drink red wine”, said Mrs. Robinson.
Mrs. Robinson said she ______________ red wine.
2. “I won’t be home this evening”, said Angela.
Angela said she ____________ home thatevening.
3. “I think ill walk to work today”, said Armando.
Armando said he ____________ to work that day.
4. “I didn’t pass my driving test”, said Amy.
Amy said she ______________ herdriving test.
5. “I saw a ghost”, Karla said.
Karla said she ______________ a ghost.

II. For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.
1.“I’ve left some food in the microwave”, said my brother.
My brother said he _______________ some food in the microwave.
2. “I’ll ask the students to come in earlier”, said Anna.
Annasaid she ______________ the students to come in earlier.
3. “I made the reservations this morning”, said Andrew.
Andrew said he _______________ the reservations this morning.
4. “I’mgoing to the gym today”, said Albert.
Albert said he would go to the gym ________________.
5. “I’ll try to remember to buy the tickets today”, said Tania.
Tania said she ________________to remember to buy tickets that day.
6. “The plan has fallen apart”, they said.
They said the plan _______________ apart.
Part two

Active and Passive voice

III. Change from passiveto active.
1. The dictionary has been taken.
Someone ________________ the dictionary.
2. The rules have been broken.
Someone ______________ the rules.
3. Jeans must not beworn at work.
You ________________ wear jeans at work.
4. We were told to leave.
Someone _______________ to leave.

IV. Change from active to passive
1. William Shakespeare...
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