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  • Publicado : 3 de junio de 2011
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Cast: good morning
L: good morning
s: take seat please
l: thanks
s: I presented me, my name is Andrew and you should be Bryan
l: Yes, I am
cast: this interview, you alreadyknow, is aimed at personal selecting qualified sales and industry to our company Rockwell Automation. How will I find the job search?
l: I I learned through the newspaper
s: goodstart then do you have some experience of work or activities in social relations?
l: clear that Yes, I I play for six years in Office and international companies requiring muchskill in dealing with people.
cast: the company is looking for an engineer electrical or civil with a one hundred percent availability are you willing to comply with this requirement?l: Yes, absolutely. At this time I'm not working, when you arrive in Canada to the country three months ago, where I serve as Manager of CLEI. And now I think staying in Chile.s: then wouldn't you have no impediment to travel when necessary?
l: No, because I do not have emotional commitments, nor children.
cast: mmmmm, good! With whom do you live?
l:now I'm living with a friend in a Department that both lease and do you who lives?
s: I live alone. But not us away from the topic do you have any chronic disease?
l: No, but Isuffer from constant allergy in spring, which I monitor with medication and do not affect my job performance.
cast: how you prefer to work in a team or just?
l: in equipment, becauseit complements my work.
s: do you have some tools to perform this job?
l: mmm what kind of tools we are talking about? computers, vehicles, information documents?
s: Yes.
l: aa!Okey. Yes, have two computers, a jeep a and also a Department in New York.
s: perfect. I see here in your resume that you have a work experience in very high positions do...?