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October 2002 • J-24

KODAK PROFESSIONAL HC-110 Developer is a highly concentrated liquid developer. It is intended for use with a variety of black-and-white films, some graphic-arts films, and some glass plates. It can be used for replenished and non-replenished systems. Use KODAK PROFESSIONAL HC-110 Developer Replenisher toreplenish.
FEATURES • Highly active • Liquid concentrate • Clean solution BENEFITS • Short development times • Easy mixing • Cleaner tanks, racks, and reels; less equipment maintenance • Fewer chemical dumps; less waste • Easy process control, even with low utilization • Good shelf life

Take care when measuring the concentrate, because of its viscosity. Follow these recommendations for handling.• Pour the concentrate slowly to avoid air bubbles. If air bubbles form, wait for them to dissipate before measuring the concentrate. • Wait for the concentrate to run down the sides of the measuring container. (The concentrate will adhere to the sides of a graduated cylinder.) • When measuring small amounts of concentrate, use a graduated cylinder accurate to 0.5 millilitre. (To simplify measuringsmall amounts, use a positive-displacement method such as a syringe.) • Rinse the measuring container with water at least five times, and pour each rinse into the mixing container. This ensures that all the concentrate is dissolved in the water. • Mix the solution for several minutes until the concentrate is fully dissolved.

• Long solution life • Stable solutions • Quality of stock solutionsmaintained over a long time

KODAK PROFESSIONAL HC-110 Developer is a highly concentrated liquid that you must dilute before use. The following tables provide dilution instructions on preparing working solutions from either stock solution or concentrate. Exercise caution when following the mixing instructions in the tables, being certain not to intermingle their data. Follow normalsafety precautions whenever working with chemicals to avoid possible physical harm.

You can prepare HC-110 Developer working solutions by diluting stock solution or concentrate. (Both mixing methods provide the same photographic characteristics.) To prepare stock solution, dilute one part concentrate with three parts water. To prepare working solutions, dilute stocksolution or concentrate according to the following tables. Mix either stock or working solutions at a temperature between 10 and 32°C (50 and 90°F).

©Eastman Kodak Company, 2002

PREPARING WORKING SOLUTIONS FROM STOCK SOLUTION* To Mix Working Solution Dilution Amount 300 mL 500 mL 1 qt 1L 5L 7.6 L (2 gal) 18.9 L (5 gal) 300 mL 500 mL 1 qt 1L 5L 7.6 L (2 gal) 18.9 L (5 gal) 7.6 L (2 gal) 18.9 L(5 gal) 7.6 L (2 gal) 18.9 L (5 gal) 7.6 L (2 gal) 18.9 L (5 gal) 7.6 L (2 gal) 18.9 L (5 gal) Add This Amount of Stock Solution† 75 mL 125 mL 236 mL (8 fl oz) 250 mL 1.25 L 1.9 L (2 qt) 4.73 L (5 qt) 38 mL 63 mL 118 mL (4 fl oz) 125 mL 625 mL 950 mL (1 qt) 2.36 L (2.5 qt) 1.54 L (52 fl oz) 3.78 L (4 qt) 770 mL (26 fl oz) 1.89 L (2 qt) 630 mL (21 fl oz) 1.58 L (1 qt 11 fl oz) 380 mL (13 fl oz) 950mL (1 qt) To This Amount of Water† 225 mL 375 mL 708 mL (24 fl oz) 750 mL 3.75 L 5.7 L (6 qt) 14.17 L (15 qt) 262 mL 437 mL 826 mL (28 fl oz) 875 mL 4.38 mL 6.65 L (7 qt) 16.54 L (17.5 qt) 6.08 L (6 qt 13 fl oz) 15.12 L (16 qt) 6.84 L (7 qt 6 fl oz) 17.01 L (18 qt) 6.97 L (7 qt 11 fl oz) 17.32 L (18 qt 21 fl oz) 7.22 L (7 qt 19 fl oz) 17.95 L (19 qt) Ratio of Stock Solution to Water





1:4 1:9 1:11 1:19

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the high viscosity of the developer concentrate, it is preferable to dilute it to a stock solution. This may be a more convenient way to store the chemical for future preparation into a working solution, per the above instructions. † Due to rounding of decimals, slight variations occur when amounts are given in millilitres...
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