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* Introduction
There are always stories in our family about the day and the way that we were born.
I was born at home on August 16th and according to my mom she was doing the laundry when shebegan to feel the contractions so she called the midwife, who was a person trained to help a woman during the childbirth. When she arrived they lit a candle and prayed, as a result, she said that she wasin labor for a very short time and it wasn’t a difficult birth.

There are also always some important historical events that happened the day the day that we were born for example on August 16th:1958 Madonna (Ciccone) was born in Bay City Mich, singer/actress (Like a Virgin)
1962 - Ringo Starr replaces Pete Best as Beatle drummer
1977 Elvis Presley dies
1987 156 die as Northwest Flight255 crashes at take off in Detroit
1988 Rumer Willis child of Bruce Willis & Demi Moore was born.

* The Task
In groups of three you are going to:
* Write a small composition about whathappened the day that one of you was born.
* Find out five important historical events that occurred that day
* Choose one of these events and write about it
* Write your opinion about thatevent

* The Process

Student one is going to describe what happened the day he/ she was born (6 lines)

Student two is going to find out six events that happened that day and write about one ofthem that is the most important for him/her (6 lines for the composition)

Student three is going to write his opinion about that important event ( 6 lines)
The team is going to decorate theproject
* Sources
To find the information for your Project visit these websites

* Evaluation...
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