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The Tigers
Tigers are the largest and most members strong family of cats. Originally, there were eight types or subspecies of tigers, but three of these subspecies of tigers, but three of these are extinct since 1990.

Where tigers live?
Tigers live in warm tropical forests in cool, dry forests and woodlands. Some live near swampy mangroves, while others live in meadows. Tigers need threethings to survive:
high vegetation to hide prey that hunt and eat and water to drink.

Unlike lions, which hunt in groups, tigers live and hunt alone. Each tiger has a special area where you live and hunt. The tiger defend its territory against other tigers. Tigers frequently patrol their territory. Point out their territory leaving trails in the trees with claws and scent trails inshrubs and trees.

Tigers vary in size according to their type and where they live. Siberian tigers are the largest and Sumatran tiger’s children. They measure between eight and twelve feet long from snout to tail. They weigh 230 to 650 pounds. The male tigers are larger and heavier than females.
Many tigers are reddish or yellowish with black stripes on its back and tail and white onher belly casting.
Paws, claws and teeth
Tigers are large animals, but they hunt silently because they have soft pads on their feet. Maintain the sharp claws retracted and curved stalk their prey silently. They have special teeth that makes them kill and eat their prey. Their long canine teeth and affiliates allowed to catch their prey and their molars cut strong bones and skin of animals.
Howto hunt?
They hunt at night, waiting to ambush their prey hidden. Tigers hunt and kill different sizes, from rabbits to wild cattle. When tigers kill a large animal, he is dragged to a safe place to eat it. Can eat 40 pounds of meat at once. So go several days without food but find food.

The male tigers live alone, but paired with females during the winter. The females and cubs are asmall group of two or three years haste that puppies learn to care for themselves. Tigers females mate within three years of age, while male tigers mate at 4 years old. The pregnancy of the female tiger is 98 to 110 days.

The female tiger stop two or three cubs, which weigh two or three pounds each a birth. The puppies are born with their eyes closed. They open their eyes severaldays after birth. Pups nurse for six to eight weeks. The mother leaves them well hidden when out hunting. when the puppies are about eight weeks old, the mother begins to give them to eat meat.

During the 18 months, the baby tigers cannot survive alone. These depend on their mother to feed and protect. Seen his mother to learn to hunt and kill. When the puppies begin to make their ownmassacres become independent. the cubs leave their mothers at three years old. In the wild, tigers live between ten and fifteen.

Los Tigres
Los tigres son la familia más grande y la mayoría de los miembros fuertes de los gatos. Originalmente, había ocho tipos o subespecies de tigres, pero tres de estas subespecies de tigres, pero tres de ellas se han extinguido desde 1990.

¿Dónde viven lostigres?
Los tigres viven en los bosques tropicales cálidos en los bosques frescos y secos y los bosques. Algunos vivos manglares pantanosos cerca, mientras que otros viven en las praderas. Tigres necesita tres cosas para sobrevivir:
vegetación alta para ocultar presas que cazar y comer y agua para beber.

A diferencia de los leones, que cazan en grupo, en vivo tigres y cazar solo.Cada tigre tiene un área especial donde usted vive y la caza. El tigre de defender su territorio contra otros tigres. Tigres con frecuencia patrullar su territorio. Señale los senderos que salen del territorio en los árboles con las garras y los senderos con aroma de arbustos y árboles.

Tigres varían en tamaño de acuerdo a su tipo y el lugar donde viven. Los tigres siberianos son los...
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