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A. Hello
B. And C. Hi
A. Were you in the trip?
C .yes, the trip was very funny, I went by bike and in the way I met some friends
b. I couldn’t go because it was dad’s birthday on tenth of august
a. how many people were there?
c. 22 only missing you
C. yes, I can. Today is my off day
a. I can’t, I have class in a hour
good morning madam. How can I help you today?B. how long didyou walk to come to the swimming pool?
B. we rode bike about half an hour, we played water polo every afternoon, it was very amusing
A. good morning madam. How can I help you today?
b. are there any pears and strawberries?
A. yes, there are some
B. how cost two kilograms of each fruit?
A. four dollars
C. the fruit is very cheap, is there any grape?
A. yes there some
C. can I have onekilogram of grapes and two kilograms of apples, please?
b. how much is that?
A. nine dollars
C. ok. Here you are, you bought my fruits the last time
b. thank you so much
A. anything else
c. I really like your blouse, excuse me where did you get it?
A. in the mall
C. when did you buy it?
A. the last week
b. you’re looking good and how much was it?
A. 25 dollars
B. good Price
A. my pleasure
B. bye
C. let’s go to mall, I will buy a blouse
B. no I’m really hungry. Let’s go to the restaurant, moreover the clothes in this mal are shoddy
C. ok and I’m really hungry too
B. can you call natha to have lunch with us?
c. Ok, hello can I speak with natha please?
A. yes, I’ll just get her
B. hi natha here
C. hello, its liam Can you have lunch with mary and me now?
B.of course, where do you met?
c. in the railway station
B. ok goodbye

A- Hi! Alice how was your weekend?
B- Pretty good. I went to the farm with my family.
A- Did you have a good time?
B- Oh, I had a lot of fun. I went a swimming in a river, I went hiking in the woods, I rode on horseback…
A- Sounds like you enjoyed yourself big time.
B- I surely did! Whatabout you? What did you do?
A- Oh, nothing much. I just stayed home and watched TV all day
B- That doesn’t sound like much fun.

With other friend

A: Hi José! How are you? 
J: fine, thank you and you Ana? 
A: fine too.
A: What did you go yesterday?
J: I went to a party.
A: oh! And what did you do there?
J: I ate a delicious beef and I drank many beers.
A: So! You just went todrink?
J: mmm yeah jeje! no, I also played football and then I talked with my Friends all night long.
A: It was very fun!
Did you go to the pool last weekend?
No, I didn’t.
What did you do?
I walked in a very beautiful island

Andy: Hi Fabian, how are you today?
Fabian: fine thanks, and you?
Andy: I’m ok thanks, what do you want to do?
Fabian: I don’t know… we can go to the Juliana’shouse.
Andy: ohm yeah let’s go.
Johanna: hi guys. Glad to see you.
Fabian: is Juliana here?
Johanna: yes, she is. Julianaaa…
Juliana: hello. How are you?
Andy: fine thanks.
Fabian: me too. Are you busy today?
Juliana: no, we aren’t busy… we could talk a little.
Johanna: come into the house. How was your last weekend?
Andy: I went to the cinema with my girlfriend.
Juliana: and whatfilm did you watch?
Andy: we watched a horror film its name was “legion the final exorcism”
Fabian: I really like horror films and I watched it three days ago.
Johanna: what about you, what can you tell us about your trip?
Juliana: ohm yeah… where did you go? What did you do there?
Fabian: I went to the fantasy island with my family. I really enjoyed it because we sailed a lot on a very goodand great ship.
Andy: how many days did you stay on that island?
Fabian: I don’t remember… about three or four days.
Johanna: sorry, we really apologize we forgot completely to offer you something.
Yuliana: it’s true. Would you like tea or coffee? …And some biscuits with jam.
Andy: yes, I really like the coffee.
Fabian: I hate the coffee, I’d like some tea.
Johanna: here you are....