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Unit 1, lesson 0, exercise 3, page 15
Ana: oh, no1 it´s 6:00 O´clock, time to get up.
Mother: Ricky, Ana, hurry up! Today is you first day of school.
Ricky: I know, and we can’t´ be late.
Ana: Iwe hope we don’t have the sane teachers.
Ricky: I hope we have Mr. Morgan for history. He is very good.
Ana: I agree, but I don’t want to have Mrs. Torres again. She is very strict and I don’tlike her.
Mother: Ricky, Ana, hurry up! Breakfast is ready.
Ricky: we’re coming, mom.
Mother: you both need to remember to walk to the club after school today.
Ricky: don’t worry, mom.
Ana: I am soexcited about the club!
Ricky: hurry up, Ana, its 6:45.

Unit 1, lesson 1. Exercise 1, page 16
Peter: who’s this?
Lidia: Timmy nicks. She is a rock singer.
Peter: wow! She is very tall.
Lidia:yes, and she always wears strange clothes.
Peter: her hair is very short.
Lidia: yes. I think she is very attractive.
Peter: mm… I’m not sure.

Unit 1, lesson 1, exercise 6, page 17
Tom is talland thin. His hair is short and brown. His eyes are brown.
Pat is short and fat. Her eyes are green. Her hair is long and curly.
Sam and Jack are short and thin. Their eyes are blue.
Their hairis blond.

Unit 1, lesson 2, exercise 1, page 18
Jack: what is this, bobby?
Bobby: my photo album. I collect pictures and clippings of famous people.
Jack: will you show it to me?
Bobby: ok.Look. This is Jacky Chan.
Jack: he is very strong.
Bobby: yes, he is a Chinese actor and a karate fighter.
Jack: and this one? Who is she? She is very pretty
Bobby: yes, she is Dido, a singer from theUK.
Jack: this one is really ugly. Who’s he?
Bobby: he’s Edward James Olmos. He’s an actor
Jack: and these two? Who are they?
Bobby: they’re the Williams sisters. They are tennis players. They’revery tall and strong.

Unit 1, lesson 2, exercise 5, page 19
Jack. Are they famous people?
Bobby: no, they’re my family.
Jack: tell me about them.
Bobby: this is my sister Anna.
Jack: oh!...
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